It's been stormy here on the Pacific Coast this week...  I call this "wait 5 minute" weather:  It's raining?  Wait five minutes and it will be clear blue skies... five minutes later the sky will be stormy again. 

During a walk on Surfer's Beach a few days ago, I stopped a moment to check out the colors of the sky out past the Point where they have those famous Mavericks surfing events.  At first glance, my brain registered  'blue sky' but after a few moments, I saw a full range of greens and violets blending into shades of blue, with hints of gold.  

Everything about this afternoon sky reminded me of two of my coastal clouds paintings below.  "Coastal Clouds 33" and "Coastal Clouds 16" are highly-nuanced in color and value...  They took so much time to paint, but were so worth the effort!

Coastal Clouds 33

To see these and all my other coastal paintings showing with, click HERE!

To see my video of the creation (over three days) of April Coastal Clouds (16x20"), click on the painting photo below!  (Be sure your sound is turned on.)