Over the many years of my painting career, I often come across a scene that impacts me in a strong emotional way. Yes, I love the colors and the mood, the special way the light might reflect a scene on the water. At times, though, and especially while I've lived in California, I often feel a more ethereal other-worldly connection to the strength of the land. Thus, I began creating landscapes that tip over into the realm of abstract in an effort to capture a more dynamic, visceral response to the world around me.

Because I do have a body of abstracts to share with the world, I decided to add a category of Abstracted Landscapes to my collection.

These paintings are a treasured "Yang" counterbalance to the "Yin" of my more impressionist realist works..

While most of my abstracted landscapes are now held in private and corporate collections, I do plan to add more as I am compelled to create them or receive requests for commissions.

Enjoy the entire collection here.